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10 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. I enjoy your videos on YouTube and have been watching them on my Apple TV. Recently however, something has changed. I’m not sure if it’s a setting/box that gets checked or unchecked during upload or if it’s an Apple TV thing… Anyway, your YouTube videos can no longer be played on a device like an Apple TV. (The other channels I’m subscribed to play fine.). As this turn of events wasn’t intentional, I’m assuming, I wanted to point it out. I just never get on the computer anymore to watch YouTube when I can do it from my couch and the Apple TV. I hope to watch your videos again soon…

    1. I was just mentioning to my wife the other day that your adventures walking your dog look very hot and dry. I had a literal laugh-out-loud moment when I saw on Google+ that you’re from Ridgecrest, California! I lived there as a kid. My dad worked on China Lake Naval Base. I remember it being very HOT and super hard ground with only one snow storm the entire time we lived there. Good luck in the heat and I hope to get your videos working on my Apple TV via YouTube soon.

      1. It is very humid right now, unseasonably so humid. Usually the humidity increases around August but we had a “rain storm” come through so humidity is at 60%. Tough to keep the house cool with an evap cooler.
        I’ve been here for 3 years now. I have been applying on base as jobs in my field of study open but it is mostly who you know to get hired here. We are getting by just fine though.

    2. Thank you, James, for watching and for letting me know about the videos not working on Apple TV. I recently changed my editing software and I am learning how to use it still. I will definitely look for a setting to see if something is preventing the videos from being viewed on Apple TV. Thanks for your viewership.

  2. Hi there. After watching your video on chemical patinas, I decided to try it. Following the link to, I’ve been trying to place an order, but their order site does not work. For several days, no response to phone messages or e-mails. Do you know if they are still in business? Website looks good, but “no reply” any which way…if not them, do you have any idea who else might sell all these chemicals and gold leaf? They seem perfect because of small sizes of items specifically for patina work. thanks! Carolyn

    1. That’s too bad. Though they do have good products their shipping time was insanely long. Try for patina solutions. If that isnt wjat you are looking for an alternative place to find the chemicals I used is ebay. Search the chemical names and you will find them but most likely in larger quantities and different concentrations. If you can match the concentrations from that could work too.
      Thanks for letting me know and good luck.

  3. Was listening to the latest edition of the Dusty Life podcast on my way home from work today. Our daughter is also adopted from China…she will be 23 later this year….I went over in August of 1995 and brought her home September 15 of 1995.

    1. I don’t but it is a really simple build. Just an open box with doors. I just got fancy with the door style to increase the area for stickers. Thanks for watching.

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