Modern Walnut Vanity

This is a video showing how I built the vanity for the new bathroom remodel.  Because it is so customized to my space I am not offering any sort of measurements with the video but if you want to make something similar you can use the video as a guide and adjust the piece to … Continue reading Modern Walnut Vanity


Reclaimed Wood Mobile Work Station

A couple months ago Rockler sent a few things my way, one of which was the T-Track Table Top.  I have been wanting to down size my table saw out feed table as it was just too large with no great storage solution.  So I moved it out, replaced it with my current assembly table, … Continue reading Reclaimed Wood Mobile Work Station

Make a Joiner’s Mallet from Osage Orange

While attending the Video Woodworkers Skiatook Adventure, Ted Alexander milled some Osage Orange with his WoodMizer LT15 Bandsaw Mill.  He had a full length section of the tree milled to nearly 5" thick and 13" wide to cut into blanks for bowls.  On the day of departure, he cross cut part of that slab into … Continue reading Make a Joiner’s Mallet from Osage Orange

Easy Shop Chair from Construction Materials After my son and I made his miniature Nicholson Bench, I had a fair amount of 2x12 and other 2x material left over.  You could make this chair from a single 10 foot long 2x12.  I wanted to keep the build simple by using only 3 power tools (as mentioned on The Dusty Life … Continue reading Easy Shop Chair from Construction Materials

Table Saw Outrigger

I face a problem each time I have to make a final crosscut on a long board, typical of a bed rail being over 80" long.  I don't feel it is accurate enough (nor safe) to focus pressure downward as I push the material through the blade with a miter gauge.  There is still a … Continue reading Table Saw Outrigger

Veneering the Easy Way

This is an easy way to veneer a surface without the expensive equipment typically used for such tasks.  While I wouldn't recommend this as a way to veneer a large surface or surfaces with curves, it is a fast way to cover a small surface with a very decorative veneer. The first step is to … Continue reading Veneering the Easy Way

DIY Clamp Handle Improvement I have had a bunch of Bessey clamps in the shop for a while and I'll admit I hate using them.  When I have to glue some wood together I can't get enough clamping force on the work pieces because my hands slip on the slick handles.  Until now. I was walking through the … Continue reading DIY Clamp Handle Improvement

Concrete Dovetail Bench I enjoy making benches and playing with mixed materials from time to time.  When the opportunity came up to make something using one bag of cement I had an idea.  Incorporate a traditional woodworking joint into cement and make a modern bench at the same time.  Thus the design of a cement formed dovetail … Continue reading Concrete Dovetail Bench

DIY Pallet Wood Stool with Downloadable Plan

It has been a year since my last pallet project.  For the past 3 years Sterling Davis hosts an event titled the "Pallet Upcycle Challenge" and this is my second time being involved.  For more info on Sterling's event click here. Plans are available in the sidebar in exchange for a donation amount of your … Continue reading DIY Pallet Wood Stool with Downloadable Plan