Bandsaw Blade Upgrade

Up until several weeks ago I had been using a Wood Slicer resaw blade on my 14″ bandsaw.  after making a rookie mistake while cutting a turning blank and bending that blade I decided it was time to up my resaw game.  Enter a carbide tipped bandsaw blade.  Which one would I choose?  What was the deciding factor that made me choose the blade I did?  The answers:  The Lenox Tri-Master Carbide Tipped Bandsaw Blade and (1) I could get it in 1/2 wide with 3 tpi and (2) I could get it cheaper at Highland Woodworking (shipping included) than the Laguna Resaw King (3/4″ is the smallest they make) on Amazon (affiliate link below).

After installation and proper tune up, the Lenox blade seemingly pulled the work piece effortlessly through the cut and I was merely guiding it.  The cleanliness of the resulting cut was blatantly obvious.  Very little needed to be done to prepare the sawn surface for lamination or what ever needed to be done.  This resulting surface could reduce time spent at the drum sander (if I had one) or the planer to prepare for veneer work or bent lamination.  When time to finish a project is of the essence, then the surface preparation from tool to finished product needs to be fast.  This blade achieves that.  The above photo is a 4×4 that was cut with a curve through a knot.  There was no touch up work done to the surfaces.  See how clean it is?  As Jim Cramer would say “BUY, BUY, BUY!”

A link to both the Lenox Tri-Master Carbide Tipped Bandsaw Blade and the Laguna Resaw King Bandsaw Blades will be below.  You choose which size you need.  I haven’t used the Laguna blades but based on my exxperience with the Lenox version it doesn’t matter.  Just make the upgrade.  You will be glade you did.

Standard 14″ Bandsaw use these lengths:

Lenox Tri-Master Carbide Tipped Bandsaw 1/2″ Blade (Choose the length accordingly)

Lenox Tri-Master Carbide Tipped Bandsaw 3/4″ Blade (Choose the length accordingly)

Laguna Resaw King Bandsaw Blade 93.5″ x .75″ x Variable TPI

Laguna Tools 1″ Resaw King Bandsaw Blade – 93.5″

If you have a 14″ Bandsaw with a riser block you will need this length:

105″ Laguna 3/4″ Resaw King Carbide Bandsaw Blade

Other accessories used:

Bandsaw Wheel Brush

Bandsaw Rounding Stone


2 thoughts on “Bandsaw Blade Upgrade

  1. How did tensioning this blade work out for you? Did you have to tension a lot more then with a normal blade? I have a similar 14″ bandsaw and I’m debating weather to put a riser block on the saw and then buy the blade, but I’m concerned about the ability to properly tension it with the addd length. Any thoughts?

    1. Tensioning was simple. I didn’t notice any addition tensioning. Just tension the blade as I had the previous blade.
      I’ve heard mixed results with riser blocks. Some like them, some say they can’t properly tension their blade because the spine of the machine has more flex due to the addition height, resulting in a bit of drift. I didn’t have any drift after installing the blade and resetting the saw. When I sliced off that thin piece of walnut I didn’t even reset the fence to account for drift.
      I guess it boils down to how often you resaw boards wider than 6″. If you put this blade on your saw though I can tell you that you will use less pressure to feed the material through the blade which means less drift.

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