Harbor Freight 2 HP Dust Collector Modification

Nine years.  That's how much time has passed since I purchased the dust collector from Harbor Freight.  I started woodworking just a few months before and quickly realized I needed some way to control the dust my table saw was creating.  After a few weeks of watching Marc Spagnuolo's and other YouTube Maker videos I … Continue reading Harbor Freight 2 HP Dust Collector Modification

Dedicated Sharpening Pond

Years ago I saw a video that Marc Spagnuolo filmed while he was taking a class the William Ng School of Fine Woodworking in Anaheim, CA.  William was demonstrating how he tuned up a card scraper.  At his bench there was a really fancy "sink" with a bamboo faucet pumping water over a sharpening stone.  … Continue reading Dedicated Sharpening Pond

Ryobi 40v 14″ Cordless Chainsaw

First off a couple disclaimers.  One, Ryobi sent this chainsaw to me to use and give my review on its performance, however, no money has exchanged hands and the thoughts and opinions on this tool are my own.  Two, I have no experience using a gas powered chainsaw to compare and contrast this tool.  I … Continue reading Ryobi 40v 14″ Cordless Chainsaw

Stubby Driver Shoot Out

On occasion I need to install hardware in tight spots such as drawer pulls or hinges in narrow cabinets.  Full size drivers, of the cordless or manual variety, can be too long to driver a screw properly so that's when I turn to the stubby screwdriver.  But which is my go-to tool?  I do prefer … Continue reading Stubby Driver Shoot Out

Modern Walnut Vanity

This is a video showing how I built the vanity for the new bathroom remodel.  Because it is so customized to my space I am not offering any sort of measurements with the video but if you want to make something similar you can use the video as a guide and adjust the piece to … Continue reading Modern Walnut Vanity

Make a Joiner’s Mallet from Osage Orange

While attending the Video Woodworkers Skiatook Adventure, Ted Alexander milled some Osage Orange with his WoodMizer LT15 Bandsaw Mill.  He had a full length section of the tree milled to nearly 5" thick and 13" wide to cut into blanks for bowls.  On the day of departure, he cross cut part of that slab into … Continue reading Make a Joiner’s Mallet from Osage Orange

Easy Shop Chair from Construction Materials

https://youtu.be/-dzyfnYu0gU After my son and I made his miniature Nicholson Bench, I had a fair amount of 2x12 and other 2x material left over.  You could make this chair from a single 10 foot long 2x12.  I wanted to keep the build simple by using only 3 power tools (as mentioned on The Dusty Life … Continue reading Easy Shop Chair from Construction Materials

Table Saw Outrigger

I face a problem each time I have to make a final crosscut on a long board, typical of a bed rail being over 80" long.  I don't feel it is accurate enough (nor safe) to focus pressure downward as I push the material through the blade with a miter gauge.  There is still a … Continue reading Table Saw Outrigger