Scott Meek Smoothing Plane Build

I have a fetish for boutique tools.  Unfortunately, my bank account has a fetish for remaining too low to make these boutique tool purchases. So until my bank account is anti-fetish, I choose (my wife chooses for me, rather) to make my own tools.  A few months back I made a wood smoothing plane (a gift from my lovely wife) from air dried white oak as directed by Scott Meek in his DVD Make a Wooden Smoothing Plane and I could not be happier with the result.  Though I did not take many shots of this build, Scott’s video and plans make the process very simple.  Just make sure all your surfaces are flat and square to a side when they need to.

If you have been tossing around the idea of making your own plane I suggest you catch it with both hands and follow Scott’s instructions.  He makes incredible planes and gives great direction to making your own.

The plane body made of white oak. Blade and wedge are out.

6 months after I made the plane I finally got a proper file to open the side a bit more to allow for lateral blade adjustment.  I have to say it works beautifully.

Smoothing the edges of the chisel rack  case side.
Smoothing the edges of the chisel rack case side.

I have the mouth of the plane set very tight to the blade.  I will set the chip breaker even closer to the cutting edge of the blade to produce an even finer shaving.  I see this plane getting a lot of use in the coming months.

Scott, you are awesome!  Thanks for inspiring the community and teaching us how to produce such fine tool.

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