Heirloom Screwdrivers

While cleaning out some of my shop drawers I came across my screwdriver shanks I purchased from Lee Valley (unfortunately, they have a limited supply and no longer stock the shanks, I believe) along with the brass ferrules and the 5mm brad point bit (I had a 6mm and 8mm already).  I purchased the screwdriver shanks after … Continue reading Heirloom Screwdrivers

Scott Meek Smoothing Plane Build

I have a fetish for boutique tools.  Unfortunately, my bank account has a fetish for remaining too low to make these boutique tool purchases. So until my bank account is anti-fetish, I choose (my wife chooses for me, rather) to make my own tools.  A few months back I made a wood smoothing plane (a … Continue reading Scott Meek Smoothing Plane Build