DIY Clamp Handle Improvement

I have had a bunch of Bessey clamps in the shop for a while and I’ll admit I hate using them.  When I have to glue some wood together I can’t get enough clamping force on the work pieces because my hands slip on the slick handles.  Until now.

I was walking through the local big box store and found a can of Plasti Dip.  I figured for a few dollars it would be worth the time to coat the wood handles in a rubber coating to make them more “grippy.”  And it sure did work nicely.

I bought both the spray can and the dip can.  Each application has its advantages and uses.  The dip can is great for small parts like handles of tools and such and the spray can is good for larger surfaces like shelves.

The application is simple.  Just stir or shake the can depending on which application method you choose.  Then slowly dip the piece into the can to coat the part or spray several light coats to build the surface up for the final few coats.  It really doesn’t get much more difficult than that.  Once the parts are coated allow them to dry for 4 hours and then they are ready to use.

Enjoy your new clamps and the better grip!

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