Dedicated Sharpening Pond

Years ago I saw a video that Marc Spagnuolo filmed while he was taking a class the William Ng School of Fine Woodworking in Anaheim, CA.  William was demonstrating how he tuned up a card scraper.  At his bench there was a really fancy “sink” with a bamboo faucet pumping water over a sharpening stone.  I thought that was the best looking sharpening station I ever saw, and at that time it was.  A few years later I saw Guy Dunlap make one on his YouTube channel and he referenced Matthew Morris’ lesson and plans.  Matthew has a great 13 episode series on making a complete station including a shelf to store the pond and t-track to clamp it to the cabinet top so it can’t potentially slip off while in use.  Both Guy’s and Matthew’s videos are great resources and you should check them out if you haven’t already.

Now it’s my turn.  I wanted to try something different to set mine apart from the aforementioned makers’ ponds so I turned my spigot and used a copper pipe for the spout.  I left it loose in the mortise so I could turn it so the water dripped away from the stone if I wanted it to or in the case I needed to change the frame out.

This video will show how I made the station.  If you are interested in plans I have a set which includes two different designs for the top frame and links to all the materials you will need to make such a pond.  See the side bar if you are on a desktop or scroll to the bottom if you are on mobile or a tablet.

Enjoy this video.  I really enjoyed making this project.

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