Make a Bootjack

I received a book for Christmas titled “Weekend Woodworker: 101 Projects” or something along those lines.  When I saw it I immediately thought “Great! 101 videos.”  Sadly, many of the projects just aren’t something I consider myself interested in making (e.g. silhouettes of old ladies doing yard work).

However, my sister-in-law and her family came to visit a couple weeks ago and her son takes Equestrian lessons.  I asked him if he had a bootjack and he said “no.”  Naturally I headed into the shop, opened the aforementioned book, and began making the bootjack with a modified design.

Once it was completed, my kids said they wanted one too so I made a second one for our house.  My oldest son enjoys using it when he comes in from playing in the back yard so the bootjack, or shoejack in our house, resides by the back door.

Here is the video of the making of the bootjack.

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