Make a Scratch Stock

The Nicholson bench I will be building in the coming months require a profile on the edges of the ship lapped boards for the shelf.  Well, it isn't required but I like the detail it will add to the bench so I am going to make it a requirement.  I want to build the bench … Continue reading Make a Scratch Stock

The Idiot Stick

About 6 years ago, my wife and I flew to El Paso, TX, to visit her Grandfather.  He loved tinkering in his shop, making copper wire art and other small wood mind puzzlers.  When we arrived at this house he pulled out a small rectangular piece of wood and asked me if I had ever … Continue reading The Idiot Stick

Make a Bootjack

I received a book for Christmas titled "Weekend Woodworker: 101 Projects" or something along those lines.  When I saw it I immediately thought "Great! 101 videos."  Sadly, many of the projects just aren't something I consider myself interested in making (e.g. silhouettes of old ladies doing yard work). However, my sister-in-law and her family came … Continue reading Make a Bootjack

Scrap Wood Woodworking Part 4

I really like the way the toolbox pencil turned out so I decide to use more of the same wood I stabilized using Cactus Juice from I did not have any ferrules left for this tool but I did have 3/8" aluminum rod, a file, drill bits, and a scroll chuck for the lathe. … Continue reading Scrap Wood Woodworking Part 4

Scrap Wood Woodworking Part 3

After making a few try squares I found it fitting to make a few cutting gauges.  I have two wheel marking gauges but I am not fond of the small reference surfaces.  I like the marking gauges that Jeff Hamilton sells on his website and on  I like to live by the phrase "if it … Continue reading Scrap Wood Woodworking Part 3

Scrap Wood Woodworking Part 2

When I started woodworking as a hobby I was obsessed with acquiring wood.  Obviously, one needs wood to be a woodworker, and so my hoarding, or collecting, rather, began.  I purchased a box of domestic and exotic wood cut offs from Rockler and I have had them in my shop for over 3 years now.  I guess I … Continue reading Scrap Wood Woodworking Part 2

Scrap Wood Woodworking Part 1

Like many hobby woodworkers I have a lot of wood cut offs and scraps saved, well, hoarded.  In efforts to thin my seemingly never ending supply of shorts I had a few projects in mind. I saw a video on youtube by Jack Houweling on making a height gauge and I thought that was a perfect way to … Continue reading Scrap Wood Woodworking Part 1