Custom Handle for a Coping Saw

One of the first hand saws I purchased was a cheap coping saw from my local Do-It Best Center.  I purchased it so I could make a 3-piece burr puzzle for my Father-in-Law for Christmas.  I used it for that project and haven't touched it since until recently, when I was removing waste from the dovetails … Continue reading Custom Handle for a Coping Saw

Heirloom Screwdrivers

While cleaning out some of my shop drawers I came across my screwdriver shanks I purchased from Lee Valley (unfortunately, they have a limited supply and no longer stock the shanks, I believe) along with the brass ferrules and the 5mm brad point bit (I had a 6mm and 8mm already).  I purchased the screwdriver shanks after … Continue reading Heirloom Screwdrivers

Making an Awl

A few months ago I purchased a Scratch Awl Kit from when they were on clearance.  I finally got around to turning the handle to assemble the kit.  Upon opening the kit I was a bit disappointed to find that one of the threaded inserts that holds the brass fitting was missing from the … Continue reading Making an Awl