Glow Stick Lightsaber

My friends’ daughter turned 1 year-old today and she had a Star Wars themed party.  Not sure of what to get a 1 year-old for her birthday my wife suggested a holder for a glow stick to replicate a lightsaber handle.  Something she could reuse with 10″ Dollar Tree glow sticks.  I thought that was a great idea and so this prototype gift was born.  Being faced with trying to make a semi proportioned handle to glow stick ratio I loosely based it on a replica of Luke Skywalker’s remade lightsaber from Return of the Jedi and I ended with following handle.

It is by far from perfect and there are things that could be done differently for a better result.  In the future I will continue to further refine the style and design.  But for now, here is the overview video on how I made the Glow Stick Lightsaber.  It is assumed that an experienced turner will be able to translate the video into a tutorial on their own.

2016-05-01 09.39.22

Purchase your own Glow Stick Lightsaber with 1 Glow Stick included for $36 (shipping included, CA additional tax rates apply).

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