Shop AC Installation, Part 3: The Mini Split

With the garage door insulated I noticed a decent temperature reduction and stabilization throughout the day.  Typically, the shop would reach 101-103 degrees at 4pm when the sun was in full force.  With the door insulated the shop was now about 10-12 degrees cooler at that same time of day.  Still hot inside but 92 … Continue reading Shop AC Installation, Part 3: The Mini Split


DIY Pallet Wood Stool with Downloadable Plan

It has been a year since my last pallet project.  For the past 3 years Sterling Davis hosts an event titled the "Pallet Upcycle Challenge" and this is my second time being involved.  For more info on Sterling's event click here. Plans are available in the sidebar in exchange for a donation amount of your … Continue reading DIY Pallet Wood Stool with Downloadable Plan

DIY Kid’s Workbench with Downloadable Plan

My son, Vinny, has been asking me to help him make his own workbench for a while now.  Since Father's Day was approaching we made an agreement that he could come out in the shop and build his bench with my help on that day.  As an aside, I milled and cut all the parts … Continue reading DIY Kid’s Workbench with Downloadable Plan

Shop AC Installation, Part 1

My shop conditions are great 2 months out of the year.  That is early spring (April) and late fall (October).  All the other months the heat is miserable or the cold is not glue or finish friendly.  I have tried to combat the heat (108+ degrees inside in the summer) by running fans as the … Continue reading Shop AC Installation, Part 1

Up Coming Bench Build-Off

The Dusty Life crew (Brian McCauley, Kyle Toth, and Myself) is hosting a Workbench building event in the late weeks of August and into September.  The event is conveniently called the Bench Build-Off.  There is a sizable list of sponsors who are pledging prizes to be given at random to several lucky builders.  You can … Continue reading Up Coming Bench Build-Off

Brass Chisel Hammer

  A couple weeks ago I won this (above) brass mallet on eBay.  I really like the old, mushroomed faces, wear marks, and the patina on the brass.  The only thing wrong with it was the steel rod handle.  The solution: contact a local machinist to remove the handle and bore a 1/2" through hole … Continue reading Brass Chisel Hammer

Glow Stick Lightsaber

My friends' daughter turned 1 year-old today and she had a Star Wars themed party.  Not sure of what to get a 1 year-old for her birthday my wife suggested a holder for a glow stick to replicate a lightsaber handle.  Something she could reuse with 10" Dollar Tree glow sticks.  I thought that was … Continue reading Glow Stick Lightsaber

Beeswax Waterproofing/Wood Finish Paste

In search for a wax polish that could be used for more than just wood finishing I came across a Beeswax/Oil Polish that can be homemade.  It is used on bare wood to penetrate the grain and smooth out the surface and keeps the surface to a matte, or satin, shine.  It can also be … Continue reading Beeswax Waterproofing/Wood Finish Paste

Tools in My Shop

Here is the rundown on the tools I use in my shop.  There will be affiliate links and alternate substitutes to the tools when applicable. Machines: Porter Cable 10" Table Saw with a CMT 50 Tooth blade and Dado Set. Grizzly 8" Jointer Delta 12" Planer Grizzly 14" Bandsaw with a carbide tipped blade Jet … Continue reading Tools in My Shop

500 YouTube Subscriber Giveaway!

UPDATE: 10/6/15 The winner of the Giveaway has been selected.  I want to congratulate Moy Perez on winning the prize of this giveaway. The next giveaway will begin when I reach the 2,000 Subscriber Milestone.  There will be even more prizes and winners.  Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see the … Continue reading 500 YouTube Subscriber Giveaway!