Easy Shop Chair from Construction Materials

https://youtu.be/-dzyfnYu0gU After my son and I made his miniature Nicholson Bench, I had a fair amount of 2x12 and other 2x material left over.  You could make this chair from a single 10 foot long 2x12.  I wanted to keep the build simple by using only 3 power tools (as mentioned on The Dusty Life … Continue reading Easy Shop Chair from Construction Materials

Veneering the Easy Way

This is an easy way to veneer a surface without the expensive equipment typically used for such tasks.  While I wouldn't recommend this as a way to veneer a large surface or surfaces with curves, it is a fast way to cover a small surface with a very decorative veneer. The first step is to … Continue reading Veneering the Easy Way

Chinese Inspired Bed with Cherry Blossom Inlay

Upon returning from China after the completion of my daughter's adoption, I decided to set out to make her a bedroom set.  I was ambitions with my design and chose to integrate cherry blossoms into her furniture pieces.  I started with her bed.  I took inspiration from other furniture we saw on the trip and … Continue reading Chinese Inspired Bed with Cherry Blossom Inlay

My Polyurethane Varnish Technique

The video below is a guide to follow for any satin oil polyurethane varnish application so I will simply list the items you will need to do what you will see in the video tutorial.  All items are affiliate links. Oil Finish: Danish Oil, Tung Oil, Boiled Linseed Oil, or Teak Oil (for outdoor applications) … Continue reading My Polyurethane Varnish Technique

Modern Bed

I made a bed to a clients specifications about a month ago.  They wanted a simple design, inexpensive materials, and 18 inches of floor clearance for storage underneath. I made this bed nearly entirely from big box store construction lumber with the exception of the head board.  That is made from vertical grain douglas fir … Continue reading Modern Bed

Chinese Cherry Blossom Inlay

This is a brief tutorial on how to use a router to make an inlay in virtually any piece of furniture. It isn't a comprehensive lesson but there is enough information to get you started and make your creative side shine through. Here are links to the tools/supplies I used. Bosch PR20EVSPK 5.6-Amp Colt Palm … Continue reading Chinese Cherry Blossom Inlay

2 Beds 1 Shop…And the Clock is Ticking

My wife is due to deliver our 3rd child any day now and we are one bed short for our current family of 5.  The goal was to have my daughter's bed completed last month so when the new born comes home my daughter could have her own bed.  Now the clock is ticking and … Continue reading 2 Beds 1 Shop…And the Clock is Ticking

Welded Bookshelves with Reclaimed Wood Shelves and Drawers

This pair of shelves was commissioned by a client of mine as a gift for his wife. I was given a photo and that's all I had to work off. So the first thing I did was open SketchUp and began designing. I wanted to keep the material cost low so I started sourcing used … Continue reading Welded Bookshelves with Reclaimed Wood Shelves and Drawers

David Marks Inspired Stool

This last week I participated in a community build started by Chris Wong of Flair Woodworks called the "Shop Stool Build-Off."  It was a lot of fun and took a lot of time, on my part.  Since I spend so much time going over the process of making anything, it took me several days of … Continue reading David Marks Inspired Stool