Concrete Dovetail Bench I enjoy making benches and playing with mixed materials from time to time.  When the opportunity came up to make something using one bag of cement I had an idea.  Incorporate a traditional woodworking joint into cement and make a modern bench at the same time.  Thus the design of a cement formed dovetail … Continue reading Concrete Dovetail Bench

Up Coming Bench Build-Off

The Dusty Life crew (Brian McCauley, Kyle Toth, and Myself) is hosting a Workbench building event in the late weeks of August and into September.  The event is conveniently called the Bench Build-Off.  There is a sizable list of sponsors who are pledging prizes to be given at random to several lucky builders.  You can … Continue reading Up Coming Bench Build-Off

Rough Shaping and the Base Joint

In this video I show how I remove the material from the underside of the large base piece without ripping a strip off and gluing back together.  The practice is not for the novice woodworker. I also show how I roughly cut out the shape of the base pieces and prepare them for template routing. … Continue reading Rough Shaping and the Base Joint

Coffee Table Design Idea: The Conic Coffee Table

My educational background is in Mathematics.  I particularly enjoyed Geometry and Calculus due to the graphing nature, as well as, the computational aspect. Now, I will assume the reader has some knowledge/recollection of high school algebra to know that these four sections are made by passing a plane through a cone in four different ways. … Continue reading Coffee Table Design Idea: The Conic Coffee Table

Coffee Table Build-Off #CoffeeTBO

Early this year, Chris Wong of Flair Woodworks, hosted a Shop Stool Build-Off (#SSBO on twitter) and the turn out was fantastic.  The judges and entries were plentiful.  The build-off was such a success that it has prompted a second build-off, this one is of the coffee table variety, fittingly titled Coffee Table Build-Off hosted … Continue reading Coffee Table Build-Off #CoffeeTBO

Bangle Bowl 2014

Kyle Toth and Zac Higgins put together a friendly competition encouraging woodworkers and craftspeople to come together and make bangles to show off and win prizes.  Videos and more information about the Bangle Bowl 2014 can be found at I will be posting my experience on making a bangle once the competition is closed for … Continue reading Bangle Bowl 2014

Bangle Bowl 2014: My First Bangles

Here is a video of the process. I had no idea what a bangle was when I saw the Bangle Bowl 2014 contest headline.  Basically, it is a bracelet.  But, because this was a contest, I decided to give it a shot.  The two categories for prizes are for turned bangles and not turned bangles. … Continue reading Bangle Bowl 2014: My First Bangles