Make a Scratch Stock

The Nicholson bench I will be building in the coming months require a profile on the edges of the ship lapped boards for the shelf.  Well, it isn't required but I like the detail it will add to the bench so I am going to make it a requirement.  I want to build the bench … Continue reading Make a Scratch Stock

Coffee Table Design Idea: The Conic Coffee Table

My educational background is in Mathematics.  I particularly enjoyed Geometry and Calculus due to the graphing nature, as well as, the computational aspect. Now, I will assume the reader has some knowledge/recollection of high school algebra to know that these four sections are made by passing a plane through a cone in four different ways. … Continue reading Coffee Table Design Idea: The Conic Coffee Table

Scrap Wood Woodworking Part 3

After making a few try squares I found it fitting to make a few cutting gauges.  I have two wheel marking gauges but I am not fond of the small reference surfaces.  I like the marking gauges that Jeff Hamilton sells on his website and on  I like to live by the phrase "if it … Continue reading Scrap Wood Woodworking Part 3

David Marks Inspired Stool

This last week I participated in a community build started by Chris Wong of Flair Woodworks called the "Shop Stool Build-Off."  It was a lot of fun and took a lot of time, on my part.  Since I spend so much time going over the process of making anything, it took me several days of … Continue reading David Marks Inspired Stool