Bangle Bowl 2014

Kyle Toth and Zac Higgins put together a friendly competition encouraging woodworkers and craftspeople to come together and make bangles to show off and win prizes.  Videos and more information about the Bangle Bowl 2014 can be found at I will be posting my experience on making a bangle once the competition is closed for … Continue reading Bangle Bowl 2014

Bangle Bowl 2014: My First Bangles

Here is a video of the process. I had no idea what a bangle was when I saw the Bangle Bowl 2014 contest headline.  Basically, it is a bracelet.  But, because this was a contest, I decided to give it a shot.  The two categories for prizes are for turned bangles and not turned bangles. … Continue reading Bangle Bowl 2014: My First Bangles

David Marks Inspired Stool

This last week I participated in a community build started by Chris Wong of Flair Woodworks called the "Shop Stool Build-Off."  It was a lot of fun and took a lot of time, on my part.  Since I spend so much time going over the process of making anything, it took me several days of … Continue reading David Marks Inspired Stool