Coffee Table Top

Here is a video on the process of surfacing the boards in preparation for gluing to make the top for the coffee table.

Chisel Rack with Drawers Part 2

I made all the sides, fronts, backs, and bottoms from poplar.  The fronts were joined by half blind dovetails and then I glued a book matched pair (side to side) of spalted fiddleback maple to the fronts since I had limited amounts and thicknesses. I started by resawing some poplar and cleaning it up with … Continue reading Chisel Rack with Drawers Part 2

Scrap Wood Woodworking Part 4

I really like the way the toolbox pencil turned out so I decide to use more of the same wood I stabilized using Cactus Juice from I did not have any ferrules left for this tool but I did have 3/8" aluminum rod, a file, drill bits, and a scroll chuck for the lathe. … Continue reading Scrap Wood Woodworking Part 4

Get Woodworking Week 2014!

It's Get Woodworking Week!  An annual woodworking jump start founded by Tom Iovino over at  So head over there and see what other folks are doing this week too. Well, I probably won't be putting blade or edge to wood this week because I have not one but two stools to finish.  My stool … Continue reading Get Woodworking Week 2014!