Brass Chisel Hammer

  A couple weeks ago I won this (above) brass mallet on eBay.  I really like the old, mushroomed faces, wear marks, and the patina on the brass.  The only thing wrong with it was the steel rod handle.  The solution: contact a local machinist to remove the handle and bore a 1/2" through hole … Continue reading Brass Chisel Hammer

Split Top Saw Bench with Downloadable Plan

As I progress in my woodworking skills, my interests are persistently moving me toward more frequent hand tool usage.  I will never give up my machines (with the exception of the table saw) because they perform the bulk of the preliminary work, milling lumber to S6S. In the coming months I will be building a … Continue reading Split Top Saw Bench with Downloadable Plan

Glow Stick Lightsaber

My friends' daughter turned 1 year-old today and she had a Star Wars themed party.  Not sure of what to get a 1 year-old for her birthday my wife suggested a holder for a glow stick to replicate a lightsaber handle.  Something she could reuse with 10" Dollar Tree glow sticks.  I thought that was … Continue reading Glow Stick Lightsaber

Modern Bed

I made a bed to a clients specifications about a month ago.  They wanted a simple design, inexpensive materials, and 18 inches of floor clearance for storage underneath. I made this bed nearly entirely from big box store construction lumber with the exception of the head board.  That is made from vertical grain douglas fir … Continue reading Modern Bed

Chinese Cherry Blossom Inlay

This is a brief tutorial on how to use a router to make an inlay in virtually any piece of furniture. It isn't a comprehensive lesson but there is enough information to get you started and make your creative side shine through. Here are links to the tools/supplies I used. Bosch PR20EVSPK 5.6-Amp Colt Palm … Continue reading Chinese Cherry Blossom Inlay

Creating a Unique Patina Finish: Making of A River Runs Through It

In the video below I outline the method that David Marks teaches in his Chemical Patina classes.  You can find a more detailed written article with a simple web search on Fine Woodworking Magazine's website.  David Marks published an article several years ago in an issue going into a great amount of detail not only … Continue reading Creating a Unique Patina Finish: Making of A River Runs Through It

Welded Bookshelves with Reclaimed Wood Shelves and Drawers

This pair of shelves was commissioned by a client of mine as a gift for his wife. I was given a photo and that's all I had to work off. So the first thing I did was open SketchUp and began designing. I wanted to keep the material cost low so I started sourcing used … Continue reading Welded Bookshelves with Reclaimed Wood Shelves and Drawers

The Idiot Stick

About 6 years ago, my wife and I flew to El Paso, TX, to visit her Grandfather.  He loved tinkering in his shop, making copper wire art and other small wood mind puzzlers.  When we arrived at this house he pulled out a small rectangular piece of wood and asked me if I had ever … Continue reading The Idiot Stick

Make a Glass Insulator Wall Sconce

I was walking through a salvage/antique yard recently and came across a lot of old glass insulators.  Most of them were clear and a few were green, some were even porcelain of various shapes and sizes depending on their former purpose.  I picked up a pair of matching green insulators and had the idea to … Continue reading Make a Glass Insulator Wall Sconce