Heirloom Screwdrivers

While cleaning out some of my shop drawers I came across my screwdriver shanks I purchased from Lee Valley (unfortunately, they have a limited supply and no longer stock the shanks, I believe) along with the brass ferrules and the 5mm brad point bit (I had a 6mm and 8mm already).  I purchased the screwdriver shanks after … Continue reading Heirloom Screwdrivers

Scrap Wood Woodworking Part 4

I really like the way the toolbox pencil turned out so I decide to use more of the same wood I stabilized using Cactus Juice from TurnTex.com. I did not have any ferrules left for this tool but I did have 3/8" aluminum rod, a file, drill bits, and a scroll chuck for the lathe. … Continue reading Scrap Wood Woodworking Part 4

Scrap Wood Woodworking Part 3

After making a few try squares I found it fitting to make a few cutting gauges.  I have two wheel marking gauges but I am not fond of the small reference surfaces.  I like the marking gauges that Jeff Hamilton sells on his website and on bluesprucetoolworks.com.  I like to live by the phrase "if it … Continue reading Scrap Wood Woodworking Part 3

Making an Awl

A few months ago I purchased a Scratch Awl Kit from rockler.com when they were on clearance.  I finally got around to turning the handle to assemble the kit.  Upon opening the kit I was a bit disappointed to find that one of the threaded inserts that holds the brass fitting was missing from the … Continue reading Making an Awl

Scrap Wood Woodworking Part 2

When I started woodworking as a hobby I was obsessed with acquiring wood.  Obviously, one needs wood to be a woodworker, and so my hoarding, or collecting, rather, began.  I purchased a box of domestic and exotic wood cut offs from Rockler and I have had them in my shop for over 3 years now.  I guess I … Continue reading Scrap Wood Woodworking Part 2

Scrap Wood Woodworking Part 1

Like many hobby woodworkers I have a lot of wood cut offs and scraps saved, well, hoarded.  In efforts to thin my seemingly never ending supply of shorts I had a few projects in mind. I saw a video on youtube by Jack Houweling on making a height gauge and I thought that was a perfect way to … Continue reading Scrap Wood Woodworking Part 1

A Few Small Projects

It has been about 3 months since my last entry and I have made a few small things in the shop.  I had a few small pieces of scrap I have been wanting to use and I found a couple of perfect projects for them. First, I had a small piece of Quarter Sawn White … Continue reading A Few Small Projects